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2010 Big Chillout Contest Highlights DVD
2003 Uncle Dick's Contest Highlights DVD
2003 SCLU Memorial Day Classic Contest Highlights DVD
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Bumps appear on the horizon growing into rideable, rippable walls. Bumps are obstacles in your path as you negotiate a crowded peak. Bumps are the choppy texture on the face of a wave when winds and tide hit it. "BUMPS" is a compilation of surfing segments shot between San Francisco and Santa Cruz over the past 5 years. It highlights many aspects of surfing in the areas, including many of the best surfers in the area doing contests (Uncle Dicks, Mavs, SCLU, and Big Chill), facing heavy conditions of fall and winter surfing epic waves at OB and Mavs, to the falls and wipeouts when things don't go right, to groms and ordinary surfers enjoying clean conditions, easy waves and hoots in the lineup,. See surfers such as Rhodes, Ambrose, Hudson, Walkup, Alfaro, Gubser, Devine, Payne, Dwyer, Keating, Mel, Tashnick, Washburn and many others tearing it up.

Some segments, dates and locations (bad spelling on purpose) included in the video are as follows:

Interviews: Ambrose, Rhodes, Haut, Ancell, Walkup, Blake and others.
2003 Uncle Dicks - Highlights from the Mens, Pro-Am & Masters heats 11/03
2004-05 Mavericks Contest Highlights 3/2/05
Ft Pointy, SF - A few waves under the bridge 2004
Ocean Beach, SF - Thanksgiving day swell 2004, epic big and clean 11/12/03
The Lane - Is surfing a contact sport? 8/1/03
Coldwater Warmup - Contestants warm up on the day before the 2002 contest 10/22/02.
Lava surf in a cool blue pool - Colorized Video 6/2/03
Big Chill Contest Highlights 2004
Interviews: - Big Wave Surfing
Santa Cruz County reefs and Pacifica - local chargers in action 10/04
and many more... runtime over 80 minutes.

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2010 Big Chillout Contest Highlights

2003 Uncle Dicks Contest Highlights

The cove is big and gnarly to start day 1. Conditions vary throughout and as competitors make the most of it. The competition at all levels was only surpassed by the comradery of spectators and supporters. This video includes highlights of mens proam, Grom, young mens and longboards. Sorry, missed the most of the womens heats.

2002 SCLU Memorial Contest

Having a contest at the Lane can be really fun. Especially with an overhead swell and sunny blue skies. Just out with a few of your good friends.

Ok, so those friends want to take you out. The great part is an excellent day of lane waves and a high level of longboard excellence.