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Forecasting -
Understanding wave forecasting will help you get the best opportunities for good surf. The following links can help you develop this knowledge.
Stormsurf.com A good site excellent info and tutorials.
Stormsurf -QuickCast Quick summary of weekly forecasts for various areas of N.America
Blakestah.com Seaonal forecasts centered on Ocean Beach SF
North Pacific Swell Forcast 120 hr animated forecast from Scripps
NOAA ocean prediction center Forecast predictions for both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Wetsand.com Surf Reports . loads of good info, well formatted
NOGAPS Wavewatch WW3 North Pacific prediction models 144 hour forecasts
SF Area Weather Sf weather from wunderground.com
Weather NOAA Bay area and state weather report
Luds wave prediction FAQ An FAQ to understand swell and wave predicting
buoyweather.com Easy to use buoy/weather meta site (free for bbasic info-subscribe for premium)